Overview of the black-box identity verification (BBIV) task.

TRAP: Targeted Random Adversarial Prompt Honeypot for Black-Box Identification


Large Language Model (LLM) services and models often come with legal rules on *who* can use them and *how* they must use them. Assessing the compliance of the released LLMs is crucial, as these rules protect the interests of the LLM contributor and prevent misuse. In this context, we describe the novel problem of Black-box Identity Verification (BBIV). The goal is to determine whether a third-party application uses a certain LLM through its chat function. We propose a method called Targeted Random Adversarial Prompt (TRAP) that identifies the specific LLM in use. We repurpose adversarial suffixes, originally proposed for jailbreaking, to get a pre-defined answer from the target LLM, while other models give random answers. TRAP detects the target LLMs with over 95% true positive rate at under 0.2% false positive rate even after a single interaction. TRAP remains effective even if the LLM has minor changes that do not significantly alter the original function.

Accepted at ACL 2024 as findings

The paper was accepted at ACL 2024 as findings.

🪤 TRAP in a nutshell

🦹 Motivation

Therefore, we need specific tools to ensure compliance.

🥷 Problem: Black-Box Identity Verification (BBIV)

A reference LLM (either close or open) can be deployed silently by a third party to power an application. So, we propose a new task, BBIV, of detecting the usage of an LLM in a third-party application, which is critical for assessing compliance.

Question: Does this third-party application use our reference LLM?

🪤 Solution: Targeted Random Adversarial Prompt (TRAP)

To solve the BBIV problem, we propose a novel method, TRAP, that uses tuned prompt suffixes to reliably force a specific LLM to answer in a pre-defined way.

TRAP is composed of:

Schema method

☝️ The final prompt is a model fingerprint:

🛡️ Third-party can deploy the reference LLM with changes

Robustness plot

Read the full paper for more details.


If you use our code or our method, kindly consider citing our paper:

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