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Calibrating Large Language Models Using Their Generations Only

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TRAP: Targeted Random Adversarial Prompt Honeypot for Black-Box Identification

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ProPILE: Probing Privacy Leakage in Large Language Models

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What Matters in Model Training to Transfer Adversarial Examples

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Going Further: Flatness at the Rescue of Early Stopping for Adversarial Example Transferability

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LGV: Boosting Adversarial Example Transferability from Large Geometric Vicinity

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Efficient and Transferable Adversarial Examples from Bayesian Neural Networks

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Influence-driven data poisoning in graph-based semi-supervised classifiers

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Search-Based Adversarial Testing and Improvement of Constrained Credit Scoring Systems

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Adversarial perturbation intensity strategy achieving chosen intra-technique transferability level for logistic regression

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